National mass media about the musician: 

“Alexey Balashov - without exaggeration - may be called one of the most well-known and demanded oboists of the country, whose solo career actively develops, favourably appreciated by professionals and audience…” 



Concerts 2011

23 January
A.N.Skriabin State Museum
Russian music concerto “Russian souvenir”.
Performed by the prize winners of international contests Alexey Balashov (oboe) and Alexandr Sokolov (piano).
Program: N.Rimsky-Korsakov, S.Rachmaninov, M. Dranishnikova, A.Pirumov, N.Platonov, A.Kliucharev, D.Shostakovich.

3 March
N.V.Gogol Library
Concert “Virtuoso oboe – classics and modern age”
Performed by Alexey Balashov (oboe) and Aleksandr Sokolov (piano).
Program: C.P.E.Bach, F.Chopin, A.Ponchielli, A.Pasculli, A.Jolivet.

19 April
M.I. Glinka State Museum
Concert “Music session with organ”
Performed by Alexey Balashov (oboe), Lada Morozova (violin) and Yulia Draginda (organ).
Program: D.Buxtehude, G.Handel, J.S.Bach, T.A.Vitali, F.Mendelssohn, V.Bellini.

28 April
The House of Scientists Chamber Hall
Concert “Musical box”.
Performed by international prize winners Alexey Balashov (oboe), Varvara Kopieva (violin) and Alexandr Sokolov (piano). 
Program: A.Ponchielli, V.Bellini, R.Schumann, A.Pasculli, I.Brahms, P.Tchaikovsky.

9 May
Alexey Balashov performed at Gala Concert of the prize winners of II International Art Olympiad (Moscow, Sokolniki Exhibition Center).
Program: Concert Fantasia for oboe and piano on themes from the opera “The Sicilian Vespers” by G. Verdi (Act 2) 
Piano – Ludmila Duhan, prize winner of the international contests

7 June
Shuvalova’s House Saloon
Alexey Balashov performed at the concert by Alexandr Sokolov, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music post-graduate, prize winner of international concerts.
Program: A.Jolivet “Serenade for oboe and piano”

24 June
Alexey Balashov and Ludmila Duhan took part in the International Contest “Romanticism: origins and horizons” in memory of Alemdar Karamanov – Chamber Ensemble category. I Prize.
Program: R.Schumann, C.Saint-Saëns, B.Britten.

26 June
Choir School for Children “Spring”.
Gala concert by the prize winners of International contest “Romanticism: the origins and horizons”.
Program: R.Schumann “Adagio and Allegro” for oboe and piano.

26 October
Alexey Balashov’s solo concerto at State Library for Foreign Literature
Piano – Alexandr Sokolov
Program: W.A.Mozart, R.Schumann, C.Saint-Saëns, A.Pasculli.

A.A.Parshin’s Indoor evening at Small Hall of Moscow Conservatory.
Sonata in A minor for oboe and organ.
Oboe – Alexey Balashov
Organ – Ekaterina Dubravskaya

13 December
Alexey Balashov’s solo concerto at the House of Scientists Chamber Hall
Concerts “Oboe in the history of music”
Concert №1 “Nascence of oboe”
Program: J.S.Bach, C.P.E.Bach, G.P.Telemann, G.Handel, A.Vivaldi
Performed by international prize winners:
Alexey Balashov (oboe), Aleksandr Sokolov (piano), and also Pavel Zagrebayev (baroque oboe)

19 December
Alexey Balashov’s solo concerto at Arkhipovsky music saloon
“Organ evenings”
“Bach and great Italian composers”
Program: A.Marcello, A.Vivaldi, J.S.Bach, V.Bellini, A.Pasculli.
Performed by the prize winners of international contests: Aleksey Balashov (oboe), Aleksandra Maksimova (organ), Varvara Kopieva (violin), Galina Zhukovskaya (soprano).
Concert moderated by TV presenter Anna Nurpeysova