National mass media about the musician: 

“Alexey Balashov - without exaggeration - may be called one of the most well-known and demanded oboists of the country, whose solo career actively develops, favourably appreciated by professionals and audience…” 



Sensational Fantasia

The program Senasational Fantasia consists of the most brilliant virtuoso pieces of the romantic composers of the 19th century – R. Schumann, F. Chopin, A. Ponchielli, N. Coste, I. V. Kallivoda, A. Pasculli. The program brings out oboe’s potential and its technical capacities. Kseniya Lubiantseva accompanies Aleksey Balashov on the piano. Kseniya Lubiantseca is an incredible soloist, prize winner of international contests, graduate of Russian and German colleges, the student of such famous professors as Victor Portnoy (Petrozavodsk), Nina Seregina (St. Petersburg), Evgeniy Korolev (Hamburg, Germany). Ksenia gives concert tours both in Russia and Europe.

A.Ponchielli Capriccio
F.Chopin Theme and variations
R.Schumann Adagio and allegro
A.Pasculli Fantasia “Ricordo di Napoli”
N.Coste Concertino
I.V.Kallivoda Saloon piece
A.Pasculli Concert Fantasia on the themes from G. Verdi’s opera “Sicilian Vespers”